Ejercicio con A lot of, Much y Many


Ejercicio con A lot of, Much y Many

Se pide completar el hueco que falta en cada frase con la forma correcta a elegir entre:

A lot of, Much, Many

Mery can drink water, but she cannot drink much coffee.

Mery does not eat meat, but she eats a lot of vegetables.

She has got a lot of dresses, but she has not got skirts.

She does not buy much perfume, but she buys clothes.

Every morning she buys a lot of newspapers, but she does not buy magazines.

How English books have you got?

I have got English books, but I have not got many Spanish ones.

How money do you need to buy this French dictionary?

Are there new students in the class?

There are not Italian teachers in that school, but there are a lot of English ones.

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