Ejercicio con any, some y no


Ejercicio con any, some y no

Completa el hueco de cada frase con la palabra correcta a elegir entre: no, any o some.

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Do you have money?

Yes, I have change.

Let’s buy bread for lunch.

There isn’t bread left at home.

I’m sorry, but the baker has French bread left.

Don’t worry! Look! There are big loaves here.

This child is new in this school and he has friends.

Does he have brothers or sisters?

You seem hungry. Do you want biscuits with your tea?

No thanks, I can’t eat sweets.

They bought hamburgers for lunch.

Is there cheese in the sandwich?

I have money. I’m broke!

Can I have sugar, please?

people are supporting the Phillies while others are supporting the Mets.

There is sugar on the table. Could you please bring some?

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