Ejercicio con condicionales II


Ejercicio con condicionales II.

Se pide completar el hueco que falta en cada frase con una de las tres formas que se proponen en cada una.

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If I find her address, I her invitation.

will send, could send, would have sent

If I a list, I will remember everything.

make, would make, might have made

If I bought a new car, I better transportation.

have, would have, would have had

If I get a new job, I more money.

will make, would make, could have made

If I had left for the store an hour ago, I home already.

will be, would be, would have been

If I found my keys, I for work.

can leave, would leave, might have left

If I hadn´t left soon, I late for work.

will be, would be, could have been

I will go grocery shopping, if I home from work early enough.

arrive, could arrive, would have arrived

If I had more time, I at the community center.

must volunteer, would volunteer, would have volunteered

If I get home on time, I my favorite TV show.

will watch, could watch, would have watched

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