Ejercicios frases condicionales III


Ejercicio con condicionales III.

Se pide rellenar el hueco que falta en cada frase con una de las tres opciones que se dan para cada una.

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If I would have known I was going to be late, I earlier.

leave, had, had left

If you don’t leave for work soon, you late.

will be, would be, would have been

If you would have eaten your Brussels sprouts, you cake for dinner.

will have, would have, had had

If the radio was louder, I my favorite song.

can hear, would hear, might have heard

If I had dropped the vase, it broken.

will be, could heard, would have been

If there wasn’t a car parked behind me, I away.

drive, could drive, would have driven

If it doesn’t rain, we baseball.

will play, would play, might have played

If I had arrived on time, I the beginning of the movie.

will not miss, wouldn't miss, wouldn't have missed

If you finish your vegetables, you pie for dessert.

may have, could have, would have had

If the cake had been removed from the oven 20 minutes ago, it burned.

be, wouldn't be, would have been

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