Ejercicio con who, which y whose


Ejercicio con who, which y whose

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Se pide completar el hueco de cada frase con el pronombre relativo correcto a elegir entre:

who, which y whose

Can you tell me entrance is the correct one? I don’t want to miss the show.

Please decide dessert you would like. There is cake, pie, and ice cream.

coat is hanging from the rack? It isn’t mine.

I’m not sure the next speaker is. The program doesn’t list speakers.

will pick the children up from school? They will need a ride.

I’m never sure month only has 28 days.

They are serving beef, chicken, and spaghetti for dinner. would you prefer?

car keys were left on the table? They will need them to drive home.

There are two turns in the road. is the correct one?

We don’t have enough volunteers for the event. else will pitch in to help?

is assigned to hall monitor duty this week? I was hall monitor last week.

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