Ejercicio con who, whose, which, where y when


Ejercicio con who, whose, which, where y when

Se pide rellenar el hueco de cada frase con la palabra correspondiente. Pueden ser: who, whose, which, where o when

I was on my way to the Imperial Garden, I wanted to meet my friend Frank.

I was walking down Ochoa Street I heard a loud noise.

A man had crashed into a tree was standing at the corner to Hidalgo Street.

The man, car was badly damaged, was in shock.

My friend Frank, is very superstitious, loves lucky charms.

One day Frank, room is always an awful mess, decided to do some cleaning.

First he tidied his wardrobe, he found a rabbit’s paw.

He was very excited he came over to my place.

He showed me the rabbit’s paw, was light brown and looked very old.

Frank’s suitcases, were huge, didn’t fit into the car.

I helped him phone his wife, arrived shortly after the call.

My first stop was Melbourne, I have friends.

Frank and Santi, are both teachers, showed me around.

Frank, band is pretty cool, plays the double bass.

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