Ejercicio con presentes, futuros y pasados del verbo go


Futuros, presentes o pasados

Se pide completar cada frase con la palabra correcta a elegir entre:

will go, going o gone

Come to my house at 3pm and we to see a movie.

When I get off work I am home. I will be tired.

At this time tomorrow, all of the food will be . We will need to buy more.

Do you think you back to work? You have been away a long time.

When the food is all the party will be over. It will be time to go home.

My mother and brother are on vacation. They went on a cruise.

Next month my father and sister on vacation. They will also go on a cruise.

My wife and I have already on vacation. We went to Mexico.

Tomorrow I am college. It will be my first day.

I cannot have cereal because the milk is all . I guess I will have toast instead.

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