Ejercicio con pasado, futuro o presente continuo del verbo run


Ejercicio con presentes, futuros o pasados del verbo run

Se pide rellenar el hueco que falta en cada frase con la forma apropiada a elegir entre:

will run, running, ran

He is late for work. He has been late every day this week.

He for president. He has been campaigning for some time.

I am to be healthy. My doctor says I need the exercise.

She all the way home or she will be late.

In the morning we . There will be plenty of time for breakfast.

I am tired from all the way home. I should sit down.

I as fast as I could. I still didn’t make it on time.

For exercise I up the stairs. Later I will lift weights.

The dog is on the sidewalk. He is on a leash.

I later this evening. I will have time after dinner.

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