Ejercicio con preposiciones (Combinado)


Ejercicio con preposiciones (Combinado)

Se pide completar el hueco que falta en cada frase con la preposición correcta a elegir entre:

for, from, in, like, on, of, out of, to, with

I’m looking forward meeting her again.

He is very ill, he is suffering hemochromatosis.

I am dreaming flying to a warmer country and spending hours on a beach!

I like them a lot and I hope to hear them soon.

His job consists formulating contractual, financial and logistical transactions.

I run time trying to do everything I’d like to do

We have heard a pretty little cottage in the Lake District; we’d love to go there.

They keep fighting and they never agree each other.

He feels going rafting, that’s why he’s got his life jacket on.

I’m not sure I’ll go on holiday next summer, it depends how much money I’ll have.

Her grandmother could not leave her house anymore, so she called her every Monday.

These books on the table belong my brother.

I waited him but he never came.

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