Ejercicio con preposiciones de lugar II

Ejercicio con preposiciones de lugar II

Completa el hueco de cada frase con la preposición de lugar adecuada a elegir entre:

under, behind, over, in front of, between

I am taller than you. I will stand so you don’t miss the concert.

The apple rolled the table. I could not reach it.

The tunnel is blocked with rocks. We must drive the mountain to get to the other side.

I will press this flower the pages of a book to remember this day.

We were playing hide and seek. After looking the bed, I found the last player.

I must decide chicken or fish for dinner.

I could not drive away. There was a cat of my car.

I store my sweaters the bed.

It has been some time since we have cleaned the stove.

Place the saucer the coffee cup.