Ejercicio con preposiciones for, from y of


Ejercicio con preposiciones for, from y of

Se pide completar el hueco que falta en cada frase con la preposición correcta a elegir entre: for, from, of

I have a birthday present you. I’m sorry it was late.

Please get in out the rain. You might catch cold.

We are driving one end of town to the other. It will take 30 minutes.

This will not be enough money to pay my items. I will have to put some items back.

That letter is not me. Someone else must have written it.

There is not enough room us. We will have to buy a bigger house.

We are coming home work. We are very tired.

If I don’t leave soon I will be late work. I don’t want to lose my job.

Which one us should go? I went yesterday.

What time should we leave the airport? We don’t want to miss our plane.

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