Ejercicio con presente perfecto y pasado simple


Ejercicio con presente perfecto y pasado simple.

Se pide completar el hueco de cada frase con la forma correcta (presente perfecto o pasado simple) del verbo entre paréntesis.

I (live) in London in 2001 and it was nice.

I (live) in London since 2001, which is quite a long time.

Frank (drink) all the tea yesterday.

How selfish! Frank (drink) all the tea ! There is none left.

Someone (steal) my car ! I have to go to the police station

I (see/already) the London Eye. It is great.

He (to buy) his house fifteen years ago.

I (lend) that book to my stepbrother last night.

I (think) it would be for the best.

He (be) in Paris for two days and he enjoys it.

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