Ejercicio con presentes, pasados y futuros II


Ejercicio con presentes, pasados y futuros II

Se pide completar el hueco de cada frase con la forma correcta (presente perfecto o pasado simple) del verbo entre paréntesis.

Yesterday, I as fast as I could to win the race (run)

It’s tough the ball with such a small bat. (hit)

I can’t play outside until I am finished the dishes. I will be done soon. (wash)

I will the carpets, but must first vacuum. (clean)

I will finish this book before I start another. (read)

It is outside. When it is finished we can play football. (rain)

I as high as I can. I still could not reach the top shelf. (jump)

My dog and I to the park to play ball. (walk)

I am dinner. When I am finished, I will call you on the telephone. (eat)

I my employer this morning to tell him I would be late. (call)

I am in for the big game on Saturday. (train)

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