Ejercicio con presentes, pasados y futuros I


Ejercicio con presentes, pasados y futuros

Completa el hueco de cada frase con la forma correcta del verbo que aparece entre paréntesis. Puede ser presente simple, presente continuo, pasado simple, pasado continuo, futuros…

The gentleman in front of me is a tall hat. I cannot see. (wear)

I would not have the show if we had left earlier. (miss)

The library is for studying. You must very quietly. (whisper)

These books are too heavy to . I need a stronger book bag. (carry)

I would like to Mt Everest this summer on vacation. (climb)

Yesterday was a hot day. My friends and I all afternoon. (swim)

The movie is over. We will be l soon. (leave)

I have a big test tomorrow. I must tonight. (study)

I will be ready for school after I my teeth. (brush)

I enjoy when I need a little exercise. Maybe I will try running as well. (walk)

I am near the door. I will need to leave early and don’t want to disrupt the meeting.

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