Ejercicio con some y any


Ejercicio con some y any

Se pide completar el hueco que falta en cada frase la palabra correcta a elegir entre some o any.

Do you prefer tea or coffee? Or perhaps would you like orange juice?

Is there jam in the cupboard? I’d like some jam on this toast!

-Mum, where are the apples? -I did not buy apples.

I have bought bread. Here it is.

Would you like of this chocolate cheesecake? I baked it myself.

-Is there any milk in the fridge? -Yes, there is milk in the fridge.

-Hey, do you want to go out with us? We’re going to watch movies at Tom’s house.

-Where is the marmelade? -We don’t have marmelade.

But you can have of this freshly squeezed orange juice.

Great! I love orange juice. Have you got croissants or biscuits?

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