Ejercicios con too y enough


Ejercicios con too y enough

En el siguiente ejercicio se pide completar cada hueco con “too” o “enough” y el adjetivo que aparece entre paréntesis al final de cada frase.

Frank is to become a police officer. He’s only 1.65 cm tall. (short)

I’d like to buy a new car and a good house, but I’m just not to do it. (rich)

My school is from my house to go on foot. So, I cycle to school every morning. (far)

Kelly is to drive a car. She’s only 14. (young)

That skirt you are wearing is for you. You need a bigger size. (tight)

David is quite a fast runner, but he isn’t to beat the Italian runner, who is considered to be the best. (fast)

I’m a good swimmer, but I’m not to enter a championship. (good)

The beach was yesterday, so we decided to go somewhere else. (crowded)

We wanted to go to Paris last weekend, but the plane tickets were , so we stayed at home. (expensive)

This T-shirt isn’t for me. I need a bigger one. (big)(good)

We didn’t buy the sofa because it wasn’t . (comfortable)

The students are to study the irregular verbs list by heart. (lazy)

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